Finally rolling out of the cave

Obsessed with a perfectly round egg (homework at the back)

It has been awhile since I made my presence felt in World Wide Web. It has been crazy for the past two months. Since September, I have (work) projects to be completed by early November. Once those are completed, I helped a friend with a photoshoot for a week (which was very fun and tiring at the same time). Oh did I mention that the cookbook that I helped to do recipe testing was launched? Quickly go buy the book, my picture is in there too!

And to top it off, I signed up for an online course. Yes, sometimes I do wonder what is wrong with my brain. Anyway, I finally got my schedule sort of settled. Hopefully I can share with you all some of the deliciousness that I have been doing and eating before Christmas madness starts! So stay tune!

p/s: On a different note, my wonderful foodie pals Juji Chews and The Food Pornographer wrote some great articles about food blogging, ethics and sponsorship which I think are worth a read. My view is short and simple. There is nothing wrong with sponsorship as long as I don’t abuse the opportunity. Most importantly, I must be able to write what I want and standby what I have written.


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