Happy birthday me! Por Kee Eating House 1996

Yes it is that time of the year where I indulge in an entire month of feasting, choosing the venue and not paying a single bill. For this year, some of the places were misses – there were still some great winners! One of them is an old favourite of mine – Por Kee Eating House 1996.

Despite the heavy rain, and arriving an hour after it open, Por Kee was packed on a Sunday evening. I am thankful my friend (and also the one who paid the bill) Kristen made a reservation and we got to sit comfortably in the air-conditioned section of the restaurant.

As there were three of us, we didn’t want to over-order. We carefully selected three dishes and one of the must-have for me is the Thai-styled steamed fish.

To order your food, you need to seek the attention of the waiters wearing orange coloured uniform (the ones in blues helped to serve the food). As the place was packed, it took quite a while before someone came and took our order.

Stir-fry pea shoots with garlic (蒜炒豆苗)

The first dish that we ordered was stir-fry pea shoots with garlic (蒜炒豆苗). Though it was slightly salty for me (on the hand, it was meant to be eaten with a bowl of rice), the pea shoot was tender yet without losing its texture. The garlic was not too pungent or overpowering.

Seafood shang mee (海鲜生面)

Upon another birthday girl’s request, we got a plate of seafood shang mee (海鲜生面). The shang mee was fried to crisp and soaked up all the beautiful gravy underneath – as you slurped the noodle, you still get that bit of crunch.

Almost got burnt by the fire

Thai-styled steamed fish (泰式蒸鱼)

After watching many plates flied past us, the star of the night finally arrived at our table – Thai-styled steamed fish (泰式蒸鱼). I took charge and ordered a sea bass (which was S$4/ 100g (freaking cheap)). The fish itself was very fresh, the meat was tender and not overcooked. The Thai-styled tom-yam flavoured broth was equally delicious. We were busy eating and drinking the soup. At that point, I kind of regret not ordering a bowl of rice. I could imagine how well the rice and the soup would go together. But I was too stuffed.

The beauty of Por Kee is it is very old-school. From the restaurant decor, to its waitresses, everything seems to be stuck in 1996 (which ain’t a bad thing). There is something very homely and comforting about the place. Yes the service maybe non-existence. The place and food feel like home – it is okay to eat and not say a word, and just indulge.


Por Kee Eating House 1996
69 Seng Poh Lane, Singapore 160069
Open daily – Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm; Dinner: 5.30pm to 12.30am

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