de oink cafe guide to … Perth! A bed and a simple toast.

A few weeks before I started my new job, I decided to take a last minute trip to Perth. As much as I like to take a couple of weeks to travel, however work commitment and budget means I can only afford a one-week holiday. In the end, I chose Perth. I haven’t been back there for seven years and I was very excited about the trip.

I knew this trip back to Perth was going to be awesome. The day I want to purchase the air ticket, for whatever reason I decided to postpone it. A few days later, Qantas had a sales and I managed to save S$100. Even for the hotel, I managed to score some cheap deal.

Love the decor

So happy to see the bed at 7am

View from the window

Pensione’s Hotel (used to be known as Aaron’s Hotel) is my go-to hotel in Perth. I absolutely love the location. It is only a mere five minutes walk to the city. Opposite the hotel, there is a small Miss Maud’s cafe where you can get coffee and pastry for breakfast. Recently Aaron’s was bought over by the 8Hotels Group (hence the rename) and went through a far bit of refurbishment. I have stayed in 8Hotels Group’s hotel (Cosmopolitan, Melbourne) and I know the room will be reasonably priced and everything will be spanking new and pretty. I was right. They have a weekend special. I had some problems booking the room online and I wrote to the hotel. The staff responded to my email pretty fast and they even offered to extend the weekend special for the duration of my stay.

I arrived in Perth around 5am and reached the hotel around 7am. I was all prepared to leave my luggage at the hotel and roam the streets of Perth. To my pleasant surprise, they allowed me to do an early check-in, and I managed to sneak in a couple of hours of sleep before meeting my friends.

Once I woke up, I was really hungry, yet I do not want to spoil my appetite for lunch. I popped over to one of my favourite cafes in Perth – Merchant Tea and Coffee – for some light brunch. Oh before I forget, the weather in Perth was awesome! It was 22oC, it was cool (not freezing cold), and I can finally wear scarf without feeling pretentious.

Hot chocolate #2

While I was ordering my breakfast, I was sad to find out that my favourite vanilla tea is off the menu. I was stunned for a couple seconds and simply ordered a hot chocolate (it was my second hot chocolate of the day). I don’t know what’s in Australia’s chocolate and milk, it tasted so delicious. Especially on a cool day, a cup of hot chocolate was perfect for my sleepy head.

Fruit toast

I also ordered some fruit toast. In Singapore, I would not pay A$5 for fruit toast. Though I found it expensive, these were really good toast – slightly charred on the edges, evenly browned, crispy on the outside and chewy inside. With butter, it was the perfect food for me. So far, Perth was treating me well.


Pensione’s Hotel
70 Pier Street, CBD Perth, WA
+61 8 9325 2133 
Merchant Tea and Coffee
183 Murray Street, Perth, WA
+61 8 9221 1323

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