de oink cafe guide to … Kuala Lumpur! A&W and Secret Recipe. Oh and a souvenir!

One of the reasons I like to go to Malaysia is because of A&W. We used to have A&W in Singapore but it just went poof in the 90s.

Round one

I dragged Agnes (who stays in the Land of Fast Food) and Amy to A&W for lunch. We all had coney dogs, and curly fries and root beer. Till this day, I still think A&W’s coney dog is one of the best hotdogs around. Soft potato bun, mystery meat hotdog and topped with rich meaty gravy – this is my version of heaven. To some, this may seem like crap food. To me, this is nostalgia, this is childhood in a bun!

Curly fries

Coney dog

Surprisingly (or not), we devoured the curly fries in minutes. I went to the counter to get us our third and fourth servings of fries. This time round, the fries were fresh out of the fryer – they were hot and crispy, and simply delicious. I wished I can say I like the root beer. Unfortunately it was rather flat. So yes we left quite a bit untouched.

My little souvenir

The A&W outlet we went was two-storey – the counter was downstairs and we were seated upstairs. We were left alone most of the time and hardly anyone was there. And there I was staring at the A&W tray, thinking, “hey that is a very nice tray”. The logo was silkscreened onto the tray, and it looked so old school. Next thing you know (everything happened so fast, it was a blur), Amy took out her shopping bag and see if we can fit the tray. Of course it didn’t fit. And my best friend (that is why she is my best friend) Agnes came to the rescue and whipped up her shopping bag which fit the tray perfectly. So we quietly walked out of A&W with my small acquisition.

The three of us shopped around Bukit Bintang area and we decided to stop for tea and cake. For me, the tea break must take place at Secret Recipe. Yes we do have Secret Recipe in Singapore but they suck. They are just not as good as the ones in Malaysia (birthplace).

We each ordered a cake – blackforest, Oreo cheesecake and banana chocolate cake. The banana chocolate cake was to die for. People who know me know how much I hate the “cheap chocolate” taste – Secret Recipe’s chocolate mousse was light and free of that “cheapy” taste. And bananas and chocolate were like best friend forever.

We love cakes!

If you are not a fan of bananas or chocolate (I seriously don’t think we can be friends), you can try the Oreo cheesecake which was rich and not too cheesy. I also love their blackforest cake which was light and those juicy cherries.

There may be a lot of great hawker food around Kuala Lumpur. Still every time I am there, it’s inevitable that I must go to A&W and Secret Recipe. It is an addiction.

A&W (Bukit Bintang)
118 Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Open daily – 10am – 11pm
Secret Recipe (Bukit Bintang)
106-108, Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Open daily – 1130am – 1130pm

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