de oink cafe guide to … Kuala Lumpur! Snowflake

After our dinner at Soo Kee Restaurant, we made our way to Pavillion where Amy was dying to introduce me to Snowflake (Taiwanese Dessert Secrets).


Snowflake’s specialty is shaved ice dessert which you can also choose toppings such as taro balls, tapioca pearls, sweet potatoes, red beans and so on, to go with it. At times, they do have limited edition flavour combination. And I got the Japanese edition on that night while Amy went for her favourite Sesame Sensation.

These are what we ordered

The Japanese version consisted of matcha flavoured taro balls, red beans and tapioca pearls with shaved ice. I regretted ordering it – the taro balls were bland and have hardly any taste of matcha. For a dessert, it was lacking in the “sweet” department.

Sesame Sensation

On the other hand, Amy’s Sesame Sensation was sensational. Beside the similar toppings, her shaved ice was doused with finely grated peanuts, making it tasty and flavourful. And the black sesame flavoured taro balls were a delight. I could taste the black sesame without being overpowered by it. The taro balls and the peanut shaved ice just go so well together.

I liked the Sesame Sensation so much that on our last day in Kuala Lumpur, I dragged Aggy back to Pavillion to have one last bite (despite the fact that I was really full from lunch).

Before you start making plans to go to Snowflake and have Sesame Sensation, unfortunately they have discontinued it. On the website, Snowflake said they will bring it back, so do check it out for updates.


Snowflake – Taiwanese Dessert Secrets
Level 4, Pavilion KL (outside Padini Concept Store)
Open daily: 10.00am – 10.00pm
(They have outlets around Malaysia, do check their website for details)

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