Joy the Baker’s pretzel dogs

Some of you might know that I have recently discovered Joy the Baker (which by the way is a treasure). I was reading some of her older entries and one that I was extremely drawn to was pretzel dogs.

All dough up

Egg washed, salt and pepper

So here’s the thing – I love hotdogs. There is something magical about this simple fare. So what if it’s mystery meat, it’s delicious meat. And I can never leave Ikea without chowing down one of those S$1 hotdogs.

When I saw Joy’s recipe for pretzel dogs, I knew I hit the jackpot. I love chewy, soft pretzels and to pair with my favourite mystery meat – it was freaking match made in heaven.

The finished product

Don’t be fooled by the lengthy instruction – making pretzel dogs is not that difficult and Joy even has pictures for each major step. The only mistake (which is not major) I made was I overcrowded my baking tray. I didn’t expect the pretzel to expand that much hence some of the dogs were sticking to each other and didn’t get browned on the side.

I passed some of the pretzel dogs to my friend Biona who loved them so much, that she went to make her own a few days later. So the only thing I can tell you is get along and start making pretzel dogs (yes, yes, once you have the first bite, rainbow and unicorns will appear).


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