the big awful truth

Since I stop working last year November, I have been cooking and baking a lot. Part of it is because it’s economical. And the other big part is I am unsure when I will get such opportunity again.

This was also a good chance to try out things I will never thought of making. Of course, not all good things come with a happy ending.

I photographed quite a few things that I made and posted them on Facebook. Family and friends were liking it and demand for recipes and me making for them. However what they didn’t know was some of the dishes were mistakes. They kinda looked good, some tasted alright, and some were just plain awful.

See the failed egg

I tried to recreate McDonald’s famous sausage egg mcmuffin. I have already sourced the recipes that I wanted to use – The Fabulous Baker Brothers’ Spinach Muffin and Heston Blumenthal’s Poached Egg. Both failed miserably. The spinach muffin that I created look nothing like the one I saw in the show. They were not green and when I dry fry them as per instructed, they were undercooked. For the poached egg, I dropped the egg too gingerly and there was not enough water in the pot hence the white cooked way faster than the yolk. I have to scoop it up and finish up using the simmer spoon.

By photographing the profile of the muffin, I managed to make the dish look passable. The only good thing about that dish was the sausage which was well seasoned and not overcooked.

Bloody salty

Another dish that I did not fare so well was Bill Granger’s Spring Onion Pancake. The ingredients and methods were easy to find and follow. The problem lies in the seasoning. The first time I made this pancake, I thought the inner was a bit bland. And for the second trial, I over-seasoned it, making the pancake really salty. And I still find the instructed amount of spring onions was quite little.

Always remember sour cream is your friend

The most recent failure was my attempt to make zucchini fritters. Following some basic ingredients and instructions from Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie, I tried to recreate this dish with my own spin – that was when disaster strike. I underestimated the power of mustard powder and the fritter had this weird, pungent after taste. And I totally forgot to add an egg in the batter so it was not as crispy as I envisioned. The only good thing? The zucchini was kindly sponsored by Biona.

If you think I throw out all my failures, you are wrong. Except for the super salty pancake I can’t save, I basically suck it up and finished everything. Underbaked muffin – stuck it in the oven and dosed it with a lot of butter. Funky tasting fritters – piled sour cream on top and eat it. Underseasoned pancake – brushed some sesame seed oil and sprinkled some salt.

It will take me some time to give these recipes a shot, but I will definitely try and make it happen. And edible.

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