happy birthday me! open door policy

My next birthday bash was with Kat, Jane and Christine. I wanted to try Open Door Policy (ODP), a new restaurant that just started a couple of months ago.


Open kitchen

The decor of ODP mimicked an old (Singapore) classroom – wooden tables, iron chairs – even the menu was in the form of an exercise book.

Crispy chicken wings (S$15)

We ordered two starters to share – crispy chicken wings and flamed tuna carpaccio. The chicken wings were boneless and served with a curry flavoured yoghurt sauce, and underneath was a cucumber salad. I personally do not like any salad underneath something that has been fried so I was glad the chicken wings remained crisp and were not soggy. The chicken was well seasoned and I really dig the curry yoghurt – flavourful and tangy. My only complaint – for S$15, the portion was small – four wings.

Flamed tuna carpaccio (S$19)

For the flamed tuna carpaccio, the tuna were seared nicely and thinly sliced. On top of the carpaccio was a bed of radish and yuzu salad which was more like the same cucumber salad that was served to us with the chicken wing. If there was any yuzu in the dish, it was not very pronounced.

48 hours braised beef cheek (S$29)

All of us got a different main course. I chose the 48 hours cooked braised beef cheek with a potato and carrot puree. I love beef cheek. Most people were frightened by it but when cooked properly (slow cooking), they can be very delicious. ODP’s version was rich and full of beefy goodness. I shared with everyone and they all agreed it was the best main. And surprisingly, they were rather generous with the portion – I almost couldn’t finish it.

Slow cooked Bolognese with rigatoni (S$22)

Jane ordered the slow cooked Bolognese with rigatoni. Once again, this dish was rich and the pasta was not overcooked. ODP was doing very well in the beef department.

Pork belly (S$29)

Christine got the pork belly with parsnip puree. Her first comment was “It looked better than it taste”. Apparently the pork was rather dry and bland, and there was no pork crackling (a pork sin!).

Duck confit (S$26)

As for Kat, she settled for duck confit with lentils. When I saw it, I thought, this was a really small duck leg. Though the meat was cooked nicely, it was way too salty, and they needed to improve on the “portion”.

Latte (S$5.50)

White chocolate mousse with a raspberry headache (S$14)

To round the meal, we had two desserts to share. First up, a white chocolate mousse with raspberry headache. The white chocolate mousse was not really a mousse – it was more like a semifreddo and some sort of raspberry powder were sprinkled on it. It was also served with raspberry couli and fresh raspberry. The sweetness of white chocolate went very well with the tartness of raspberry. However I did wish the mousse was really a mousse.

So cute!

Chocolate and pistachio souffle (S$15)

The second dessert we got was the chocolate and pistachio soufflé. Since I was the birthday girl, I got the honor to “stab” the soufflé and poured in the crème anglaise. All of us love that the crème anglaise was presented to us in a conical flask – so old school. The soufflé was light and fluffy. Though I was not a fan of the pistachio (I like the nut but when it comes to dessert, it has that “choking” taste), I did not mind this dessert as the chocolate was rich and delicious.

ODP had some hits and misses. The truth is I doubt I will return soon as the prices ain’t cheap – unless of course I was craving for braised beef cheeks.


Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street, (Yong Siak View), Singapore 168650
Wed – Mon: 12pm – 3.30pm, 6pm – 11pm (Wed – for dinner service only)
+65 6221 9307

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