happy birthday me! lai huat sambal belacan fish

Yes the birthday was like last year and three months ago. Still. I ate some really delicious food for my birthday.

Me and my bear will never separate!

The first celebration was with friends whom I know for 10 years. We met at my first workplace – a boutique design agency. Though I only spent a year there, all of us stayed close and we would gather whenever there is a birthday celebration.

I chose to have my birthday dinner at Lai Huat Sambal Belacan Fish – a seafood restaurant located at Geylang – I missed the chance to have dinner there the last time and I really want to try the famous sambal belacan fish.

Pig trotter

Ngoh hiang

Since Charmayne is a VIP at Lai Huat, we left the ordering of food to her. There were some dishes that Lai Huat is famous for and I would not go near them aka Braised Pig Trotters and Ngoh Hiang. From the appearance of these dishes, they looked good and I am sure they tasted wonderful too.

Herbal chicken

One of my favourite dishes that we ordered was the Herbal Chicken. I am always a sucker for steamed chicken and love it when they were steamed with herbal broth, making them tender, juicy and delicious. And I like the broth a lot – it has a mild herbal flavour and savoury – I kept pouring it onto the chicken.

Some vegetable dish

Mee sua

Since it was my birthday, we got to order Mee Sua, a type of thin wheat flour noodles. Traditionally, the birthday person will eat a bowl mee sua with eggs which symbolised longevity. Lai Huat’s version – they (deep) fried the mee sua, lathered it with this savoury gravy and seafood – it was one of the best mee sua I had for years. I had at least two bowls of the noodles.

The FAMOUS Sambal Belacan Fish!!

And finally the famous Sambal Belacan Fish was served to us (with extra bowls of sambal). The fish (which I believed was pomfret) was fried to crisp and smothered with the spicy sambal belacan. Despite the fish was deep fried, the meat was not dry. Give me a bowl of hot white rice and the fish, that’s all I need.

Crispy baby octopus

We also couldn’t resist ordering some crispy spicy baby octopus. They were like the ultimate bar snacks. Though none of us were drinking that night, we just kept going for more. It was so addictive.

Cereal prawns

The last dish we got was Cereal Prawns. The prawns were delicious however I do wish they were more crisp. Usually I would eat the shell. In this case, it was not “fried” enough for me to do so.

I quite like Lai Huat. For a Saturday, the place was not jam packed and the service was swift and friendly. And of course, the company was splendid.


Lai Huat Sambal Belacan Fish
387 Guillemard Road, Singapore
+65 6741 7218

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