de oink cafe guide to … melaka! limau limau cafe

The weather in Melaka was pretty brutal. It has got so bad that we needed to make another stop for drinks. Tucked away in one of the alleys connecting to Jonker Street, Limau Limau (translation: Lime Lime) Cafe was a treasure not to be missed.

Limau Limau Cafe

Our drinks

Initially we were hanging around downstairs and we asked the owner if we could go upstairs. She said yes.  The space upstairs was airy and spacious. The cafe’s decor was eclectic – the furniture was mixed and matched. The waiter took our orders and all of us got some sorts of iced blended drinks – mango, lychee and watermelon.

The drinks were sweet and refreshing. It would be great if the place was air-conditioned, and we would hang out there all day!


Limau Limau Cafe
No.49, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

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