de oink cafe guide to … melaka! jonker 88

After our lunch at Hoe Kee, we walked along the famous Jonker Walk. And one place Lynda wanted to go was Jonker 88. Touted as a museum cafe, Jonker 88 sells all sorts of local cuisine – you can get laksa, rojak, and on the day we were there, we wanted cendols.

Jonker 88

Unattended balinglong

Cendol is essentially a sweet coconut shaved ice dessert popular around South East Asia countries. It consists of coconut milk, shaved ice, worm-like looking jelly (which is made of rice flour and green food colouring (derived from pandan leaf)) and palm sugar (gula melaka).

What we ordered

Hello Mr. Mao

Jonker 88 was not exactly a museum – it did display a lot of Peranakan antiques but I won’t go far saying they were a museum. Its more like “I found this and that, and I shall put it here”. Still dining at Jonker 88 was pretty cool. We managed to find a seat at the airy courtyard with Mr. Mao staring at us while we eat.

Baba Cendol

Baba Ice Kacang

Lynda and Amy went ahead and got themselves the BabaCendol. Since I am not a fan of gula melaka, I ordered the Baba Ice Kacang (shaved iced with syrup and red beans). I had a taste of the BabaCendol – I don’t like it. The gula melaka was strange and actually was tart. As for my Iced Kacang, it was ordinary, something that I could get in Singapore too.

These I want to bring home

Jonker 88 is a place where you can sit, relax and stare at balinglong (if you are a fan of vintage loots) – for the desserts, don’t bother.


Jonker 88
88, Jalan Hang Jebat,75200 Melaka, Malaysia

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