nick malgieri’s perfect white pan bread

A couple of years ago, I thought this was an awesome bread recipe and easy too. However, I discovered Nick Malgieri’s Bake and realised his Perfect White Pan bread was equally awesome if not better.

Perfect White Pan Bread

Recently, I bought a loaf of fruit and nuts bread from Gardenia and it tasted awful. And I vowed not to buy any store bought bread. I started sieving through cookbooks, finding recipe for that perfect white bread. What is wonderful about Malgieri’s recipe is that in just 4 hours, you can get yourself a delicious loaf of buttery bread. And you do not need a breadmaker.


As instructed by Malgieri, I spread some butter on top of the loaf for a softer crust. Butter was also added in the mix hence the bread will not be white but with a tint of yellow. Every slice smells yeasty and it was soft and fluffy.


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