de oink cafe guide to … new york city! big gay ice cream truck

Imagine plain old vanilla ice cream topped with olive oil and sea salt or perhaps a sprinkle of wasabi pea dust? Seems impossible? Well Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (BGICT) is making the impossible possible – sprucing up traditional soft serve, introducing all kinds of wonderfulness.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!!

While Kat and I were at Union Square, we decided to try our luck and see if BGICT was around. Luckily the truck was there but there was a long queue! We waited for around 45 minutes, chatted with the guy who was in front of us. He told us his colleagues were raving about BGICT and he knew he must have their ice cream (in the end, he bought two cones of ice cream).

the queue

Bea Arthur (US$4)

Initially we each wanted to get an ice cream (I wanted a Salty Pimp!). However we took a while to queue and we had to rush for dinner at Torrisi. In the end, Kat and I shared a Bea Arthur (in case you are not a fan of the Golden Girls (shame on you), Bea Arthur was the actress who played Dorothy in the show). Bea Arthur was divine – vanilla soft serve topped with crushed Nilla wafer biscuit and dulce de leche. The soft serve was smooth and not overly sweet. Every mouthful, I get a bit of crunch and a bit milky caramel flavour.

Before we left, Kat insisted I told Doug Quint (one of the co-founders of BGICT) that we travelled more than 20 hours for his ice cream and this prompted him to blow kisses at us. Yes I am a true blue Singaporean who is willing to queue and travel for food.

Thanks for taunting me while I was in NYC

The big news is they have just opened a shop last week – Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! YAH! During our stay in NYC, we walked past the shop almost every day and were terribly upset that we didn’t get to see it open. So if you are in NYC, please have a Salty Pimp at BGICS on my behalf!


Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Follow their tweets (@biggayicecream) or check the website for the truck’s location


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 East 7th St (1st Avenue and Avenue A)
New York NY 10009
Sunday – Thursday, 12pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday, 12pm – 12am

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