this is NOT a product endorsement

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near, it is time to get some mooncakes! This year, a few of my friends insisted that the durian mooncake from Home’s Favourite is the best, specifically the Mao Shan Wang moocake.

what's in the box?

durian mooncake!

I made my way to Takashimaya where they are currently holding a “mooncake festival”, selling mooncakes from various hotels and restaurants. The place was packed when I was there. It was tough to weasel my way around. Still I managed to locate Home’s Favourite and got a taste of the Mao Shan Wang mooncake.

got gold flakes!

The mooncake was creamy and rich – it was like eating the fruit itself. The thing ias I am not a big fan of Mao Shan Wang (the fruit) – I find it too rich. However in the case of the mooncake, I actually enjoy the flavour of the fruit. And the snowskin that encased the durian mousse simply melted in my mouth.

pure durian goodness

If you are planning to grab some Mao Shan Wang mooncakes, sorry to tell you that they are completely sold out. I was very lucky – the day I bought them was the last day they were available (Home’s Favourite only produce 2,000 boxes). However they still have other flavours available. Even though I did not taste test all of them, I am sure they will still be delicious.


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