de oink cafe guide to … washington dc! what’s cooking, uncle sam?

if you happened to be in DC from now till 3 jan 2012, one of the exhibitions that not to be missed is the “what’s cooking, uncle sam?” at the national archives.

the national archives

the exhibition illustrated the history of American’s food records over the past two centuries. while going through all these food records which comprised of posters, videos, books, the American government tried to inculcate good eating habits, preserving food resources (canning, gardening). as the years go by, these efforts and campaigns just went down the drain (which was very sad).

and one thing i really love about the exhibition was the illustration, the campaigns – the messaging, ohhh those vintage posters (yes i bought one from the gift store). “what’s cooking, uncle sam?” was educational, and really made you realised the importance of food and eating good food.


what’s cooking, uncle sam?
the national archives
constitution avenue between 7th and 9th streets, nw, washington, dc
open daily from 10am except thanksgiving and christmas
admission is free

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