soup restaurant

once i was back from the states, i was craving for chinese food. i planned a dinner with some of my oldest friends at one of my favorite chinese restaurants – soup restaurant.

soup restaurant is one of those places that i will visit again and again. if you order the “usual suspects”, you will not go wrong. everything we ate that night was fabulous.

samsui ginger chicken

it will be very wrong to go to soup restaurant and not have their famous samsui ginger chicken. the pairing of the spicy ginger sauce with steamed chicken was just perfection. i usually dont eat steamed chicken (and its skin) but soup’s version, i just wallowed everything up. you can eat the chicken on its own or wrapped it in the lettuce leaves that the restaurant provides.

hometown tofu

we got ourselves the hometown tofu. this was definitely the favorite of the night. the tofu was fried crisp on the outside and the inside still remained silky soft. and the sauce, it was just yum.

ah gong sweet potato leaves

another signature dish of soup was the ah gong sweet potato leaves which was essentially sweet potato leaves sauteed with spicy shrimp paste (the ah ma version is non-spicy).  give me one plate of this sweet potato leaves and a bowl of hot steaming white rice – i am a happy pig.

steamed san yu

the least interesting dish of the night was the steamed san yu – its basically steamed fish with sauce. its not terrible or awful – its just not memorable and i wont crave for it.

teochew olive rice

to go with all our dishes, i ordered the teochew olive rice (note: this is a different sort of olive; not the kind you had with pizza or pasta). i LOVE preserved olive vegetable – i usually have them with muay (rice porridge). they tasted equally wonderful when stir-fried with rice.

chin and abh

to end our night, almost all of us ordered dessert. abh and i had the hashima (yes its frog fat but hey its good for skin) and chin had the white fungus with apricot seeds.

nothing rocks my world other than yummy food and great friends.

soup restaurant (they have outlets everywhere; the one i visited is located at seah street)
39 seah street (opp raffles hotel)
open daily. lunch: 12 pm – 2.30 pm; dinner: 5.30 pm – 10 pm

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