de oink cafe guide to … washington dc! ben’s chili bowl

the first place i wrote in my travel journal that i must go was ben’s chili bowl. well i did. but i never made it inside for its chili. it was always crowded and packed with people.

ben's chili bowl

ben’s chili bowl is like THE place to go in DC. you may say its a pretty touristy place – but hey its one of president obama favorite (and bill cosby too). though i never made it to ben’s for its chili, but i did go there for their breakfast.

famous people who dined at ben's

we shared the hotcakes with meat where we got 3 hotcakes and our choice of sausage (aka mystery meat). though our waitress was rather “fierce”, she was kind enough to split the breakfast for us.

hotcakes with meat (US$7.55)

i rarely like “outside” hotcakes, but i really like the ones at ben’s. they were well-buttered, crispy edges and fluffy. most importantly, they do not have the “baking soda” taste. as for the sausage, it was not too bad.

regular customer at ben's

the truth is i quite like ben’s chili bowl in the day. yeah so what if i dont get to eat that famous bowl of chili. ben’s chili bowl was more interesting in the morning. seeing how the waitress interacted with the regulars, everyone happily eating their sandwiches – there was no queue, no tourists – just a small cosy neighborhood joint.

ben’s chili bowl
1213 u street, nw (between 12th and 13th street; opp u street metro)
washington, d.c.. 20009

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