table at kichn

kichn is this tiny little shop, tucked along “touristy” boutiques at albert court hotel . one of their signature “dishes” is their iced blended drinks. you can choose the safe route of getting a single blend (the have 15 flavors for you to choose) or mix things up with 2 or 3 blends. i decided to be brave and mix up  a green tea and lychee drink. the drink was predominately more lychee flavored. however at the end of each sip, you get hits of green tea. it was sweet and yet refreshing, a must-have for any hot sunny afternoon.

green tea and lychee blend (S$5.90)

fried calamari (S$6.90)

as i was feeling a bit peckish, i also ordered a serving of fried calamari. i am not a fan of the batter (too much baking soda) but the calamari was well cooked and not rubbery.

if you need a place to rest that tired feet and have a quick drink, run to kichn.


albert court hotel #01-05
180 albert street
+65 6333 0015
mon–fri: 530pm–10pm, sat: 10am–10pm (closed on sun and ph)

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