de oink cafe guide to … washington dc! julia child’s kitchen

while i was researching for my trip to DC, i knew one of the places that i wanted to go was the smithsonian museum. to my delight, i discovered that smithsonian’s national museum of american history housed the julia child’s kitchen! yippee!!

ohhh julia

julia child's kitchen

the first look at julia’s kitchen, it looked like your everyday ordinary kitchen – however in my tiny little head, i can imagine how many plates of delicious food that were served up in this kitchen, the conversation between julia and paul child, cooking lessons, testing of recipes and not forgetting shooting some of her famous public television series – all these just made my head go giddy.

i want them all!

the kitchen was designed by her husband paul in 1961. to my understanding, special details such as higher work bench were taken into consideration. another thing i love about the kitchen were the tools – i want everything in that pantry. oh lets not forget about the copper pots!

wise words from julia

it was definitely an honor to see one of the culinary legends’ kitchen. too bad i dont get to step in and hang around in the kitchen.


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