hungarian black door party

my friend dada, recently got back from her eastern europe honeymoon – on the trip, she also met up with our common friend, betti in hungary. and all of us were bestowed with jars of paprika. to celebrate, we decided we should have a hungarian black door party*.

candlelight feast for two

the spread

(sweet) beef paprika stew

dada cooked up a storm and prepared two different paprika stew. first, we had the paprika beef stew – the stew was sweet and less spicy. though the beef was a bit dry and tough, the flavor was awesome. the paprika was sweet and smoky.

(spicy) paprika mushroom stew

we also had a paprika mushroom stew. as dada was afraid, it was not substantiate enough for me so she added potatoes and chicken sausage. though the stew is lighter in color compared to the beef stew, it was spicy. HOT. betti told dada that the paprika that she has given us were sweet paprika – she bluffed us – they were hot.

strong steven and sweet anna

yes even the napkin is from hungary

and our two people candlelight feast was “gatecrashed” by dada’s partner b and his friends (and later another friend of ours also came along) – and it became a six people party. and they brought more food (unfortunately they brought pizza – nothing hungarian about that).

transformed to a six people dinner party

b's beloved tokaji

we also opened up b’s treasured tokaji from szili (betti’s partner) – its a super sweet white wine. i am not a fan of wine but tokaji was very drinkable. however after awhile, i find it a tad too sweet for my palate.

its coco ball time

to end our meal, i made some hugarian dessert- coco balls! dada passed me betti recipe. they were one of the easiest treats to make. b totally approved the coco balls and said they tasted like the ones betti made. happiness.

the night ended with all of us belly full of good yummy paprika food, wine and coco balls.

*in case you wonder why we called it a black door party – well our hosts of the night – dada and b’s house door is black hence black door party. kekekkekee.


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