daniel boulud

during my hell week (last month; and totally explained the hiatus), i managed to sneak in a bit of fun. after the first day of my tradeshow, i met up with my friend KK who also happened to be participating in the show, for dinner.

we decided to try our luck at daniel boulud (marina bay sands) without a reservation. and we scored! (the only drawback was we must finish by 830pm – 2 hours for dinner).

gougeres! free!

chop chop salad (S$15)

we started the meal with complimentary gougeres – they were yum! cheesy, salty and light. KK and i wanted more but we decided to show some restraint. ha. we also ordered a chop chop salad to share – this dish definitely lived up to its name. it arrived 5 minutes after we placed the order. the salad was refreshing – the sesame dressing kinda reminded me of yusheng. everything was wiped out pretty fast.

bread basket

before our mains arrived, we got a bread basket. the pretzel bread!!! was to die for!!! they were so good – the bread had the flavor of a pretzel – salty, alkaliney – the inside was chewy and sweet. i dont really need butter for this bread. it was that good.

db burger (S$38)

the innard

next were our mains – steak frites and original db burger. the burger was huge. like big ass huge – it was bigger than my head*. the burger meat was made of sirloin and was also filled with short rib and foie gras. all these meaty goodness were contained by a parmesan bun. the bun was alright – i can’t really tast the parmesan. i did find the sirloin filling a bit dry but the short rib was heaven. i always have this weakness for short rib – i just find them super meaty, flavorful and delicious. daniel boulud’s short rib was well cooked and simply melted in my mouth. as for the foie gras, it was totally drowned by the rest of the meat.

steak frites (S$49)

the winner of the night was the steak frites. it was full of deliciousness. the meat was well cooked, juicy and tender. we enjoyed every bite, screaming “this is good meat”. once again, i can have the steak without the bernaise sauce. the fries were great too – crispy and not too oily.

sundae grue de cacao (S$15)

as for dessert, we didnt have much time left for souffle and we were stuffed with meaty goodness – we ended up choosing a chocolate sundae to share. the sundae was made up of a layer of bavarian cream, milk chocolate ganache, macadamia nut cookie and milk ice cream. it was not what we expected – the sundae turned out to be much more classy looking – i still enjoy the ice cream and cookie very much.

the first look at daniel boulud facade – its pretty intimidating – it looked posh and polish. however the service staff were great. they were very professional and polite. they may not be the most attentive, but they sure know everything on the menu. i will definitely want to go back to daniel boulud again (steak frites!).


*silly me did this unglam thing at daniel boulud – i attempted to stuff the entire burger into my mouth. I KNOW. of course i failed. ha. i think except KK, no one saw what i did. i think

daniel boulud
the shoppes at marina bay sands
basement 1 (opposite the theatre)
mon – fri: 12pm – 230pm, 530pm – 1030pm; sat-sun: 11am – 230pm; 530pm – 1030pm

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