wild honey

its been more than a year since i dined at wild honey. i needed to run some errands in the morning, i decided to pop by at wild honey for a quick bite.

at 9am on a sunday, the place was packed (and i was surprised). still i managed to get a seat pretty quickly.

i oredered myself a tunisian breakfast and a cup of latte.

the tunisian

the tunisian breakfast is this warm tomatoey stew filled with chorizo, peppers and onion. to make the dish even richer, wild honey topped it off with two fried eggs. all these yummy goodness is brought to you in a hot pan. the dish is also served with two thick slices of white bread for you to soak up the sauce, and a refreshing cucumber tomatoes salad that cleansed the palate.

check out the eggs!

i love the richness of this dish – the sauce was sourish and spicy. the chorizo added a bite to the dish. though i am not a fan of the eggs, i have to say the gooey egg yolks were melting into the sauce and was simply delicious.

since my last visit, the service had improved, the waiters were much friendlier (though i was not served water immediately). despite the slightly pricey breakfast, wild honey is a cosy joint to go to whenever you are in the mood for breakfast.


wild honey
level 3, mandarin gallery,
orchard road
+65 62353900
9am – 1030pm (no reservations allowed; first come first serve basis) (on sat and sun, it opens at 8am)

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