the plain

a couple of weeks ago, out of nowhere, i decided that i will start every friday of the week with a GOOD breakfast – this means sitting down and slowly enjoy my food. so no hand-held bread or kueh that i scoffed down on the way to the train station. no takeaway coffee. and no starbucks.

i thought it will be an easy task to find a cafe that served breakfast early. i was so wrong. most cafes i found open around 830am or 9am. and i usually reached office before 930am. after spending half an hour on google, i managed to find a few cafes that are open really early and one of them is the plain.


the plain is located on the outskirt of the business district (kinda stuck between residences and offices). when i was walking along craig road to find the plain, i almost missed it. this small cafe shared its space with a law firm and the latter business signage simply overpowered the facade of the cafe.

once entered, the friendly staff greeted me (to be honest, me at 8am in the morning is not a pretty sight especially when i havent had a cuppa) and i chose to sit at the communal table. tha plain based its concept on being like any cafes in melbourne where one can sit down anywhere they like, have a cup of good coffee, read a magazine and relax.

latte (S$3.80)

view from my table

i started with a latte while i examined the menu. the latte was smooth and strong with a hint of bitterness which i like from a good coffee. the coffee served in the plain are from genovese coffee.

darling egg (S$6.50)

the menu was small and focused. i decided to go for darling’s egg (one egg) which was poached eggs with ham, cheese & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast.

a masterchef moment - oozing egg yolk

i thought i would have to wait long for my brekkie. but it was served to me pretty fast (5 minutes). as i break into the egg, the yolk started to ooze out. ahhhh. a masterchef moment. ha. i really love the combination of the sourdough toast with ham and cheese, and the bread soaking up the runny egg yolk. the tomatoes added a nice juicy sweet and sour touch.

the darling egg is not the kind of breakfast that i would eat everyday (i would go broke) – however its the kind of breakfast that i like to welcome the start of the weekend. simple yet filling and every bite is deliciousness.

the plain
50 craig road #01-01
tanjong pagar
+65 62254387
open daily – 730am – 730pm



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