dorie greenspan’s french yoghurt cake

while reading dorie greenspan blog, i cannot believe i miss out on this simple cake – french yoghurt cake – from her baking cookbook. and the next thing i was pretty amazed was there is no butter in the cake!

french yoghurt cake

i love butter, but i never like creaming butter and sugar together. its tedious and used up lotsa my energy. this was of course prior to owning a kitchenaid and a handheld mixer. still i am a throw-everything-together-and-mix kinda girl. this recipe is heaven.

hmmm a pig snout or a pig trotter?


the texture of the cake is similar to a pound cake but lighter. though there is no butter, it does not lack in flavor – it is rich and moist. what i really love about this recipe is the use of ground almond. you get a bit of crunchiness, a bit of nutty flavor in the cake which go so well with the added lemon zest.

this is one cake i will make anytime.


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