vegan burg

vegan burg is not far from home – about a 15 minutes bus ride. and yet, as always i took the longest time to try out this burger joint.

number 8 is waiting for her burger

the entire menu is devoted to vegetarian cuisine specifically burgers. all their burgers are soy patties and they topped them with different vegetables and flavors.

now here comes the problem. i dont like soy patties. perhaps i OD on them when i was in university. i just dont fancy them anymore. there is something gluteny about it that i now find it kinda gross. and when i went to try vegan burg, i didnt know they were serving soy patties! horror.

still i suck it up and went for it. i ordered the cracked pepper mayo burger set which came with fries and a fruit juice (beetroot carrot).

vegan burg table

grass seat

first, i love the decor of vegan burg – its quirky, fun and green! they built this whole green and garden theme for the cafe – they used fake grass to line the back of the seat (which was cute but aint very comfortable. the grass kept poking me). the burger was served to you in this old school tin. its just so fun.

cracked pepper mayo burger set (S$9.85)

when i saw the burger, it was huge. i didnt expect such a big burger. and its confirmed, i dont like the soy patties. BUT. i do love the rest of the burger. though i am not a fan of iceberg lettuce, at least they were fresh and crunchy. i like the ciabatta bread very much – its yeasty and flavorful. ohhh lets not forget the fries. they were fat and … soggy! yes i love soggy fries..

a cafe devoted to producing vegetarian burgers is almost unheard of on our tiny island. and vegan burg is brave enough to do that. though i am not loving the use of soy patties, i will definitely be back to try their potato spinach pop and hotdog.

vegan burg
44 jalan eunos
+65  6844 6868  
mon to sun: 11am to 10pm

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