de oink cafe guide to … taipei! 大腸包小腸

i was on a business trip to taipei last week. the great thing about taipei is their night markets. and this also mean i had time to eat and shop after a day work.

guess what’s in d bag??

the first night market i went was tong hua night market which was a 10 minute ride from my hotel. this night market was highly recommended by my friend s. when i reached there, i was a bit disappointed by the size and also with the variety of the food. on the hand, i was really tired from my flight (woke up at 5am) and work, hence i could not be bothered to explore the place. so i decided to pack the 大腸包小腸 (literal translation is small sausage wrapped in big sausage) back to hotel.

大腸包小 (S$1.60)

as some of you might know by now, i dont eat pork. still i want to try 大腸包小腸. basically the 大腸 (big sausage) was made up of glutinous rice. the guy just slit open the glutinous rice “sausage” , add your chosen condiments (in my case, onions, mustard vegetable and cabbage), and topped it with any flavor of the sausage (mild spicy) you want.

i love the concept of this snack. you get rice, meat and vegetables for less than S$2. unfortunately, the porky flavor of the sausage was really strong, i had a bite and spit it out. still i finished the rest of it sans the sausage.

糯米腸 (S$0.80)

as i forsee one 大腸包小腸 was not enough, i also ordered a plain 糯米腸 (glutinous rice sausage). i am a sucker for glutinous rice – the rice was well-cooked, flavorful and retained its chewiness.

guavas (S$0.40 each)

while walking around the night market, i discovered a fruit stall. i love the guava from taiwan. so i bagged two guavas home – they were so cheap – 40 cents a piece! and they were really good.

ahhh i love taiwan!


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