flour’s brioche au chocolat

the great thing about making brioche – you have to double the recipe if not your dough hook has nothing to work on. with the additional dough, i freezed it and was used later for flour’s brioche au chocolat.

brioche au chocolat

brioche au chocolat required you to make a pastry cream too. my greatest fear. i dont exactly love making anything custard-ish for fear i will end up having scrambled eggs. its nerve wrecking for me. in the end, my cream did not turn out to be as thick as i think it should be.


because the cream was not very thick, thus when i cut the brioche au chocolat dough, everything kinda oozed out (note to self: pre-cut the dough!!). still i sorta managed to contain the cream and the chocolat in the dough.

the result was this eggy toast with this sweet custardish cream and rich chocolate. my breakfast has never tasted so good.


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