supposedly its a traditional teochew snack

since i was a kid, i have the great fortune to surround myself with wonderful teochew cuisine. one of my favorite and something that i have been eating for as long as i can remember was hu-mock. i know the name sounded strange. and to be honest, i also doubt its origins. i have never seen it sold anywhere and i think it only exist in the ng/tan/er family.

hu-mock is basically stir-fried glutinous rice wrapped in beancurd skin. every ingredient in the glutinous rice is individually stir-fried. we usually have minced meat, (chinese) mushroom, peanuts and dried shrimp and shallots. once everything are mixed together, we will wrap the rice in beancurd skin (the end result looks like a ciabatta).

what we like to do is sliced up the hu-mock, pan fried them so that they get really crispy on the outside and yet remain chewy in the inside.

traditional or not, this will always be my favorite snack.

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