rachel allen’s hot cross buns

as easter is approaching (fine its already here ;p), i had a sudden craving for hot cross buns. these buns are not usually sold in local bakeries – last round, i bought mine from marks and spencer. yah.

last 30 minutes of proofing

i dont know why but i knew rachel allen‘s bake would definitely have a recipe for hot cross buns. and i was right!

rachel allen never failed to provide a simple recipe with easy to follow instructions. however i made quite a bit of modification. as i cannot find strong white flour at the supermarket, i did a half and half – half AP flour and half bread flour.

in addition, instead of raisins and currants, i used raisins and cranberries – which was the best decision i ever made. the tartiness of the cranberries just go so well with the spices in the hot cross buns.

weapons! knife for slashing and brush for egg washing
egg washed

the recipe also called the use of shortcrust pastry for the cross. as i am lazy and cannot be bothered, i just used a knife to slash the cross on the buns.


this is what happened when you are too lazy to bring out the proper wire rack

it takes less than 3 hours to proof the buns and next thing you know, the house was filled with the smell of freshly baked buns *bunny hop*


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