breakfast at toast

i have been eating at toast for years and i never knew they served breakfast (on the other hand, i dont go to toast that early). so imagine how pleasantly surprise (and happy) when i saw the breakfast set*.

i chose the scrambled egg set with sauteed field mushroom on a panini. as i wanted some meat, i also asked for an additional sausage. ohhh each set comes with complimentary coffee or tea too.

latte (S$5)

i started my breakfast with a cup of latte. it always feel right to start the day with a cup of coffee. i usually do not add sugar to my latte – but the toast version was really bitter. as its a self service cafe (you take your own sugar, fork and knife), and i was lazy, i was stuck with a cup of very bitter coffee.

scrambled egg set (S$7)

after a short wait, my breakfast came! the first look of the set, i was like “its so small” but i was proven wrong later. though the eggs and the mushrooms were sitting on the panini, it was well toasted so that you still get “crispy” bread. runny scrambled eggs, well seasoned sauteed mushroom on yummy bread – what more can i ask for? and yes it left me very stuffed after i am done with them.

then when i tried to cut my sausage, the casing was “uncuttable”. the sausage was bloody tough – it was way overcooked. the meat in the sausage was disgusting and borderline powdery. its the worst sausage i had in my life – and i paid extra for it. this tiny piece of meat destroyed what could be one of the nicest breakfast i had.

still. the great thing about eating at toast is that the place doesnt get crowded till 1pm (due to its location) – its a great place to sit around before the chaos start.

 *my heart almost skipped a beat when i thought i didnt make it for breakfast – i arrived at toast at 1050am. they served breakfast till 11am.

02-11 ngee ann city (takashimaya)
391 orchard road
+65 6733 8489
monday to friday – 8am to 7pm; saturday – 9am to 7pm; sunday – 10am to 6pm

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