twg tea macarons

recently, i was lucky to be bestowed with a box of twg tea macaron.

twg tea is a local tea boutique that specialises in tea (of course) and tea-infused pastries. people who adore high tea or who is a tea geek, will totally love twg tea.



one of their best selling pastries is their tea infused macarons. i got the six flavors box – lemon bush tea, grand wedding tea, passionfruit and coconut, earl grey and chocolate, bain de rose tea, napolean tea and caramel, and camelot tea and praline. instead of buttercream filling, each macaron is piped with ganache which made these tiny cookies super rich (and frigging sweet).

among the six, my favorite was earl grey and chocolate. i cannot believe how well the earl grey and chocolate go with each other. the earl grey was subtle, not overwhelming – a nice touch to the rich flavor of chocolate.

my next favorite was the grand weding tea, passionfruit and coconut – you can taste the layers of flavor with each bite – i went “ohh there is the coconut …hmmm passionfruit”. i also like the lemon bush tea too – the flavor was mild but enough.

i always thought macarons were french

ehhh stuck

i do not mind the napolean tea and caramel, and camelot tea and praline – but they were way too sweet for my liking – they were so sweet that i cannot enjoy them properly.

among the six, the worst was bain de rose tea. why? it tasted like SOAP. and that was all you need to know.

i doubt i will purposely go back to twg tea for their macarons. but i definitely like to try their afternoon tea.


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