beng hiang restaurant

i dont know is it an age thing or we desperately needed comfort food – my friends (the same gang who dined with me at yuan xing) and i once again landed ourselves in an hokkien chinese restaurant – beng hiang.

i havent eaten at beng hiang for ages (i think about 4-5 years). i totally forgot how great the food is.

some of the diners

fried watercress with dried shrimps

the service was fast – 10 minutes after we have ordered, our food came! first stop, fried watercress with dried shrimps. i am used to having watercress soup where the vegetables will be cooked to death (which surprisingly was the right way to do it – this way of cooking released the “cooling” effect of watercress) – i never thought of stir-fry watercress. though the flavor was not profound, the vegetables were crunchy and delicious.

braised beancurd with chicken and mushroom

we also ordered braised beancurd with chicken and mushroom – this dish was alright, nothing spectacular, just a good homey dish.

boiled fish head soup with yam

days before the dinner, i examined the menu and told my friend c, i must have fish head soup with yam. this soup put me in the right place – though its a clear soup, its rich, flavorful and i am surprised that i quite like the fish head which was very meaty. and yam! i can never say no to yam. 

fried oysters with eggs

the next stellar dish was the fried oysters with eggs. i heard that people go to beng hiang just for this dish. and indeed it lived up to its reputation. the eggs were thin and crispy and it go very well with the oysters. we were all delighted with the generous serving of oysters. we walloped this dish in minutes.

milk butter prawns

for the milk butter prawns, they really tasted like milk and butter – which was a bit weird and overwhelming for me. its still good and i thought i would love it – in the end i was ok with it.

crispy roast chicken

last time at yuan xing, we did not had a chance to try their crispy roast chicken, this time round, we got to try beng hiang version which was “finger licking good”. the skin was crisp. the chicken was a tad undercooked, however when sprinkled with lime and sour plum powder, magic happened, everything just tasted oh so good.

kong bak bao

beng hiang was also famous for their kong bak bao (braised pork belly with chinese mantou). i didnt eat them – based on the expression of my pork-eating friends, i think they are pretty good.

hokkien mee

and of course, we cannot not order their famous hokkien mee. once again it was alright for me, mainly because i am not a fan of yellow noodles (gan shui taste aka alkaline taste) and also my body dont digest the noodles very well. the sauce was great though. a tiny bowl of the noodles was good enough for me.

the aftermath

happy birthday girls

the really cute thing about beng hiang is that its so old school – some of the things they do are really tacky. we learnt on that night it was like the place to go to celebrate birthday (which was what we were doing) – throughout the night, birthday songs were played on their system (both english and chinese version) again and again. when the restaurant was about to close, and we were the only table left, we sang out loud birthday song to our three birthday girls. it was a hilarious and fun night.

beng hiang restaurant
112-116 amoy street
+65-6221 6695
open daily. lunch – 1130am – 230pm and dinner – 6pm – 930pm

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