frank bruni’s born round

ok i am going to shamelessly say this – i am bloody late with this entry – i read frank bruni’s born round ehhh like six months ago. yes i know i know. i was just not highly motivated to take a nice picture of book.

born round contained stories about frank bruni’s family and most importantly how they have shaped his relationship towards food. and of course making who he is today (journalist at NY Times and former restaurant critic).

i rather enjoyed the first half of the book where bruni talked about growing up in an italian household – everyone is competing who has the best red sauce, the food that his grandma stuffed into his face (mine did the same thing to me too!) and how his mother kept up with his ferocious appetite for food.  every dish that he described sounded so delicious and left me rather hungry.

the dark side of his life was slowly revealed – bulimia when he was in college, terrible eating habits while covering governor george w bush campaign. through the pages, you can feel the pain and shame he had over his body and the food he consumed.

soon after bruni moved to rome and rediscover his love for food. however my favorite bit was when he became the restaurant critic and the things he did in order not be recognised. HA.

overall this is an easy biography to read – it has all the elements – humor, tragic, anger and joy – that made up of a good book.


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