flour’s brioche

oh brioche, who doesnt love a good brioche? one of the biggest reasons why i bought a kitchenaid is so that i can make brioche. based on my understanding (thank you, dorie greenspan), its not advisable to make it with a handheld mixer (unless you want to “kill” the handheld mixer). OR you can mix your brioche dough by hand (via a wooden spoon) which i will NOT do.

though i have been eyeing greenspan’s brioche recipe for the longest time, i decided to give flour’s brioche a go instead.

flour's brioche

while preparing the mise-en-place, my heart started palpitating – 5 large eggs + 310 grams of butter (which was about 1.5 block of butter)  – were going to be added into the dough *gulp*. though its going to make two batches of dough, the sheer amount of “sinful” ingredients going in still frighten me.


all sliced up

the key to making brioche is patience. you need to slowly let the dough come to shape, and bit by bit add in the soften butter. it took me a good half an hour to get the dough done. once the dough was ready, i let it proof overnight in the fridge.

i saved half the dough and chucked it in the freezer (going to use it for brioche au chocolat). i love playing with brioche. unlike the usual bread dough, its less sticky and more dense – like play doh!

i am loving the odd air-hole

the end result is pure deliciousness. its so rich that one of my friends commented that the brioche tasted like cheese bread (i take that as a compliment by the way. ha).


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