nutella pop tarts

a couple of months ago, i stumbled upon chez pim’s blog entry on nutella pop tarts. they looked absolutely adorable and easy to make. so i decided to give it a shot.

nutella pop tarts!

all you need is your go-to pie dough – mine is from king arthur flour – i used half AP and half pastry flour (for extra flakiness) and PURE butter (i cant stand shortening – any recipes require me to use shortening i will skip. i just cannot handle it).

rolling and cutting the dough was fine (though i am not very good at it). it was when i need to crimp the dough, that is when the nutella started to ooze out (overzealous with the filling). everything became kinda messy.

close up

to add to the mess, halfway through the bake, i realised i forgot to eggwash the pastry! i quickly took them out, and gave them a good brushing.

though the pop tarts look abit pale, they tasted great  – buttery and flaky – and with the right amount of sweetness!


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