rachel allen’s chocolate and vanilla marble cake

the first bite into rachel allen’s chocolate and vanilla marble cake – it was rich and buttery, and the cake reminded me of a lighter version of a pound cake. mdm tan kept the leftover cake in the fridge. the drop in temperature “compact” the cake and somehow the flavor was similar to my favorite childhood cake – sara lee pound cake!

when i was a kid, if we go to a supermarket*, i will always grab a loaf of sara lee pound cake. i dont know why but i really love the pound cake (and my favorite was chocolate). i will have it for breakfast, for dessert. it just made me very happy.

rachel allen original recipe is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavor, i made some modification and completely chocolatified the cake (i used four large eggs (or five medium eggs), 80g of cocoa powder and 165g of sugar**).  and yes the chocolatify version made me very happy too.

*even till now, we do not shop in supermarket very often. mdm tan preferred to get her vegetables and meat from the wet market. so going to the supermarket when i was a kid was a rare treat.

**the original recipe called for 225g of caster sugar which is just scary in my terms. for the chocolate and vanilla version, i only used 160g of caster sugar. as i used valrhona cocoa powder which is dark, rich and bitter thus i added a bit more sugar when i made the full chocolate version.


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