bonchon crispy chicken

my friend K’s dog (aka peanut) was sick for the past couple of days. to make matter worse, K was away on a business trip and freaking out. when she was finally back, i decided to drop by her place with our favorite fried chicken – bonchon crispy chicken –  and of course to take a look at peanut.

hello peanut

bonchon crispy chicken is a korean fried chicken chain that became a big hit in new york city. four friends bought the franchise over to singapore (that is why the website is called gimme4fingers) – it is a small outlet – one table and 10 seats. so takeaway is a popular choice.

fried chicken lunch

let the feasting begins!

the last time K and i were at bonchon, we kinda of under-ordered the numbers of chicken wings and drumettes, leaving us a little bit empty on the stomaches. this time round, i decided that such mistake should never be made again. i ordered 18 pieces of chicken wings and drumettes, katsu chicken sandwiches, seaweed fries and kimchi coleslaw.

katsu chicken sandwich

we started with the katsu chicken sandwiches as they were still piping hot. i have to specially order one without any vegetables for K – yes she is one of those who dont do vegetables (and yes we are friends). the sandwich had awesomeness written all over. the bun was deep fried plain chinese mantou (how can anything possibly go wrong with deep fried dough) filled with fried chicken chunks and slathered with lotsa of kimchi coleslaw. you get that crunch from the mantou and chicken , and the coleslaw provided that cold,spicy punch.

soy garlic chicken wings and drumettes

after we got the sandwich out of the way, we dived in for the chicken wings and drumettes. while i was waiting for the food, i took a peek into the kitchen. i discovered the chicken wings were pre-fried and then dipped into the chosen sauce (there are two to choose from – soy garlic and spicy). this got me worried – will the chicken wings still be crispy?

though the chicken wings were cold, amazingly, they were still crispy! the skin was coated with soy and garlic which was sweet and savory, and the garlic was not very overpowering. the meat was surprisingly tender not dry. every bite of the wings just made me wanna eat more. the last round we were at bonchon, i ordered the spicy wings which were really spicy – you can even see the chilli seeds. as i had one wing after another (non stop nom-ing action), i did not feel the spice till i am done with it! oh and i inherited angelina jolie lips after that too.

seaweed fries

we have not much love for the seaweed fries that day as they were cold and hard. if they were soggy, i can still give it a go (i love soggy fries). but nope. no love there.

kimchi coleslaw

i ordered an additional kimchi coleslaw for myself. as i couldnt stuff any more food, i didnt had the coleslaw till two days later. the coleslaw was packed with kimchi red chilli pepper spice – i quite enjoyed the creamy sauce with the vegetables. as i had a pack of tortilla chips with me, i used the kimchi coleslaw as a dip. lethal combination!

thai iced tea

to help us wash down the entire meal, K prepared thai iced tea. she managed to find the tea bags used to make the tea while she was in bangkok. the taste was exactly like what we had in thailand – strong, milky and smooth.

i am always afraid of takeaways for fried chickens – the chicken will be cold and soggy. but bonchon managed to maintain the crispiness of their chicken wings and drumettes. next time, i want to do takeaway for their chicken rice box!

bonchon crispy chicken (please be warned of the loud music once you enter the website. and i cannot find the off button)
orchard ion, #b4-06
open daily, 11am – 10pm
(the space is rather small – you might want to go early if you want to grab a seat)

2 thoughts on “bonchon crispy chicken

  1. I love the look of the katsu sandwich and the soy garlic chicken wings/drumettes. I like fried chicken hot or cold.

    Looks like very ME food, I checked out their website and I reckon I’d eat just about everything on the menu – though I can’t stand the website – Flash + music = extremely annoying.

    So how is little Peanut?

  2. YES. i reckon i like the katsu sandwich better – thanks to the fried mantou. and yes the website is friggin annoying!! i cannot find the off button for the music

    (not so little) Peanut is diagnosed with liver failure. Poor girl is now on long term medication. Ohh Peanut was not eating for the last couple of days but she was v receptive towards the fried mantou. We gave her some (though its not the right thing) – we just happy to see her starting to eat again.

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