de oink cafe guide to … kluang! in search of honeyland!!

after breakfast, we proceed to get the return train tickets. we were told by the nonchalant ticket lady that the 7pm train tickets were sold out and only the 2pm train tickets were available. we were shocked! we planned to spend the entire day at kluang and now its been reduced to less than three hours?! *scream*

kluang – lost in time

in a state of panic, the three of us hurried to the centre of kluang and do our thing. the first stop was jalan dato teoh siew khor where there is a “famous” textile shop. well, the shop itself is huge but L and I were more interested in vintage fabric which they do not have.

next we continued our walkabout in an unfocus manner (i was very upset by the ticket situation) and somehow we decided we would go to honeyland.

in search of honeyland

honeyland, located along jalan lambak, is a well-known confectionery specialising in kueh, and tea-time treats. i first got to know about honeyland via my friend abh who raved about their yummy mushroom fritters (fried food!) – so going there was a must for me. as it was a sunday, the streets were pretty quiet and we were able to walk along the road. but it was a hot hot day. we wanted the search to end soon.

kuehs galore

finally we found honeyland at the corner of the street. we quickly sat down and this lady came by and gave us some drinks recommendations – she talked really fast and we just nodded, not knowing what we actually ordered. the drink recommended tasted like homemade barley with sour plum. hmmm.

kuehs for our parents

despite the hot weather, we managed to eat a little. i got us curry puffs, chicken wing (me) and more fried mee siam (L). the curry puff was pretty good, stuffed with lots of potatoes and the crust was not thick. however i was rather upset that there was NO mushroom fritter. bleah.

before we left, we bought some kuehs for our parents. there was a good variety of kuehs to choose from – i got some keuh lapis, ang ku kuehs (different filling), tapioca cake – they all looked so good*.

hey donald

we continued to trek our way around kluang. the thing about kluang is everything looks so lost in time. in L words, its like singapore in the 1970s. everything looks so surreal and retro. ohhh and i think the people of kluang love disney characters – everywhere we go, we would definitely see some disney characters (mainly mickey mouse).

you were almost mine

feet shot

as we were walking along some of the shophouses, L and i attempted to take a piece of kluang back home ;p unfortunately we didnt succeed – the cement on the tile was still stuck on the wall. darn. and soon, it was time for us to go back to the train station.


good bye kluang

the truth is if i was not so traumatise by the train situation i would enjoy our little journey to kluang better. as i walked around, i was starting to really like this little town. i definitely wanna go back to kluang again. perhaps next time, i will bring my parents to the organic farm.

*the kuehs were really good. when i first told mdm tan that i bought kuehs for her, she chey me!! since she chey me, i decided to steal a piece of the tapioca cake. it was chewy, panfried to perfection. the next day, i wanted to have more – the box of kueh was gone!


2 thoughts on “de oink cafe guide to … kluang! in search of honeyland!!

  1. Lovely and funny. Nice pics taken about Kluang, especially the ones for Honeyland. After reading this, a trip back for me to see mama is imminent. Thank you.
    I’m one of Honeyland’s founders’ daughters. Mum and Dad opened the shop a few months after my birth.

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