king arthur flour’s golden crunch cookies

as i was flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks – king arthur flour’s cookie companion – the recipe for “golden crunch cookies” just popped up. the cookies have two of my favorite things – butterscotch chips and cornflakes.

cookies batter

i did not have any cornflakes in my pantry and i am too cheap to get some from the store, i substituted it with my post’s great grains crunchy pecans.

these cookies were seriously easy to make. and because i had a kitchenaid (yeah!), it made things even simpler. all i needed to do was cream the butter and sugar, dumped in the butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, cereal mix and flour and viola.

not ice cream

ready for the oven

now this is the “i have no idea what the hell happened” bit. it was clearly stated in the recipe that i was supposed to roll the dough into a small ball and pressed it down. out of nowhere, i decided “hey i think i shall use the ice cream scoop instead”. of course midway through baking, i realised my mistake and tried to make things right.

bad cookies planning

can you spot the difference?

so was there any difference between rolling and not rolling the dough into a ball? the answer is yes. if you choose not to roll the dough, and do a drop and press, the result is more rustic looking cookies that have a bite. and if you decided to roll the dough into a ball, the cookies are more like a lighter version of a shortbread – though crumbly, it still melt in your mouth.

reason why we should bake cookies - molten chocolate!

there is no right or wrong. its a matter of preference. as much as i love rustic looking treat, i prefer the “shortbread” version – because a) looks nicer especially when they were intended to be given as gifts and b) always love a cookie that melts in my mouth.

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