wild rocket (highs and lows)

so here i am, making another trip back to wild rocket. the last round when i was there, i had an easy time choosing the dishes as they were only that many things that interest me. however this time round, i was at lost. their menu has changed and i cannot make up my mind.

salmon carpaccio with brown rice

my friend KK and i shared an appetitzer together – salmon carpaccio with brown rice. it was frigging delicious. it was my second time having wild rocket’s salmon carpaccio and i know it rocked. they were fresh, nicely seasoned and thinly sliced. the chef did the brillant thing and paired it with brown rice flavored with sesame seed oil and shallots. the rice was moist, and chewy. i never had such moist brown rice before. the only complaint we had? we should have ordered our own individual appetizer (instead of sharing) – and seriously i can eat a HUGE bowl of it.

oxtail ravioli with an jus and bovril

for my main course, i decided to try the oxtail ravioli with an jus and bovril. i love bovril. when i was a kid, my parents  fed me with bovril with rice porridge all the time and i will always lick my bowl clean. the funny thing was my parents fed us bovril for years before they realised that it was made out of beef extracts (they are buddhists). anyway. i find the oxtail stuffed in the ravioli a tad bit dry and little; however that was saved by the beefy savory an jus cooked with bovril. the richness of that sauce – its oh so good.

spaghetti with laksa pesto

KK ordered wild rocket’s signature sphagetti with laksa pesto. she didnt love the pasta – she found it to be bland, lacking a certain oomph. it is not the first time i heard the comment that the laksa pesto pasta was under-seasoned. i very much doubt its a salt problem. laksa is a dish which we expect richness and creaminess that were totally absent here. what we have is more italian pesto, herbie kind of dish. i personally has not much love for it as its too spicy for me.

(deconstructed) egg tart with salted egg yolk ice cream

check out the salted egg yolk bits

and now dessert time. *drums roll*. out of nowhere, i just went – “i want to try the egg tart with salted egg yolk ice cream”. at that point KK gave me a strange look. still i am curious how salted egg yolk ice cream taste like. when my dessert was placed in front of me, i dived straight for the ice cream. the salted egg yolk flavor is rather mild, you mainly taste the “saltiness”. the combination of both sweet and savory surprisingly worked pretty well. the ice cream got bits of salted egg yolk too. as for the egg tart, no love at all. it was basically a deconstructed egg tart where the egg pudding was the bottom of the ramekin and the tart was broken into pieces and placed on top. the pudding was tasteless and flat. the tart was just unsalted, un-butter graham cracker. in short, the egg tart was blah. the saving grace was the ice cream which was rich in flavor. when you mish-mashed all these three items together, they sorta work. however in the end, i abandoned the egg tart and finished up the ice cream.

despite the highs and lows we experienced at wild rocket, one thing i have to commend is their service. the waiter whom i endearingly named “ah boy” is good – he is humorous and attentive to our needs. i made KK walked to the restaurant and she started to sweat. ah boy quietly placed a stack of paper napkins in front of her without any one of us noticing it. as and when he would come over and ask how we find the food and so on. when he found out KK was not exactly pleased with the main, he offered to change it for us but not wanting to trouble him, we rejected his offer. when ah boy served me my dessert, he also got one for KK – in his words – sorry about the pasta.

the thing i like about ah boy – he is attentive when necessary – i hate those who either hoover around you or totally ignored you till you ask for the bill. and he is one of the main reasons why i will visit wild rocket again.

wild rocket
hangout hotel
10A upper wilkie road
+65 633 99448
tue-sat – 12pm – 3pm and 630pm – 11pm; sun – 1130am – 3pm and 630pm – 1030pm (closed on mondays)

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