its really rich and good

last week, i trottered to see my chinese sinseh, its rather hard not to swing by rich and good cake shop (again) which is like two streets away.

rich and good

i was really early (930am) so there was limited flavors (so sad. no lemon). however one “strong” flavor was definitely present (as i opened the door, the smell just whooshed pass me. as i do not want to stink up papa ng car, i chose kaya and strawberry flavors.

strawberry swiss roll

the strawberry swiss roll was a mistake. i have no love for it. everything about it tasted artificial. the strawberry jam though has just enough sweetness but the flavor is just flat. amazing enough, the kids in my family love it – and of course being a good yee yee, i gave them everything ;p

kaya swiss roll

as for the kaya swiss roll, its now officially my FAVORITE flavor. it lived up to the shop’s name – rich and good. the coconut-pandan flavor is awesome and every bite you take, you can feel the fragrance of the kaya bursting in your mouth. i can eat this forever.

rich & good cake shop
24 kandahar street
+65 6294 3324
mon to sat: 9am – 5pm
closed: sun & ph

2 thoughts on “its really rich and good

  1. it not just looks good, it tasted great too. i cant fedex the rolls to you (if i can fedex food to australia, i cannot imagine you and your sister list. ha)

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