jim lahey’s pizza funghi

 jim lahey pizza funghi is pure shrooms essence.

pizza dough - first rise

going for the second rise

and i mean it. it involved a truck load of cremini (aka swiss brown mushroom)  which needed to be sliced very thinly via the mandolin. slicing so much mushrooms with the mandolin was no fun – fingers were black and i had to watch out and not get my fingers chopped.

truck loads of shrooms

as i did not have any white onions (as indicated in the recipe), i simply used red onion. throw  the cremini, onion, salt, pepper and olive oil in a HUGE bowl and mix gently. and spread them all over the pizza. before i placed the pizza in the oven, i drizzled a bit more olive oil.

off to the oven

mushrooms tend to ooze out lotsa of liquid when cooked – it was stated in the book that as the mushrooms were sliced thinly, the liquid should be minimum. ehhh that did not happened to my pizza. i am unsure what went wrong – mushrooms slices were too thick? oven was not hot enough? i should have left the pizza in the oven longer so everything evaporates? i dont know! the funny bit was part of my pizza was soggy (from the mushroom jus) and some part were perfectly fine.

can you spot the soggy bits?

and the best bit – the pizza actually tasted better overnight! i had a slice COLD and it was yummy. the flavor of mushroom really penetrated into the dough and the jus kept it moist thus the dough was not rock hard.

on one hand, it seems that i have failed in pizza funghi, on the other, i think i have perfected the ultimate late night snack.


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