what’s in de bag?

remembered the yummy fish snacks i was obsessed about? i found a place that permanently selling them (i hope).

sapporo petit doughnut is located at takashimaya basement two. though the name suggested some sorts of doughnut are sold, the fact is they sell NO doughnuts at all. rather what they have is good old mini taiyaki – aka sea bream shaped pancake!

they sell no doughnuts

from my ten-seconds google search, it seems that sapporo petit doughnut is a chain in japan – unfortunately, most of the information are in japanese. so. any hoot, at this chain in singapore, you will not find any sea bream shaped pancake, instead you will get our iconic merlion shaped pancake. and yes, shallow me was drawn to that too.

hehehhe hello merlion

they have an array of flavors – raspberry, chocolate, caramel, red bean, cream cheese, custard. the one flavor that i like best is custard especially when they are fresh out of the pan. just like the ones i got from isetan, they are still good when cold. and they are also quite expensive (8 for $4.80).

however on one lucky day when i went to get 15 pieces ($8), they gave me 20 pieces instead. i am a happy fish!

sapporo petit doughnut
basement two, takashimaya shopping centre (near the fountain)

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