more cookbooks and kitchenaid

i remembered the first time i baked – it was in secondary school, home economics class. i had to wear this hideous baby blue laced apron (with an equally gross laced headband) when we stepped into the kitchen. i never enjoyed the class (and the outfit) till i baked my first cookies – rock buns. they are not the prettiest things  – afterall they are supposed to look like rocks – but they tasted so good. i brought some home for my family to try and all of them loved it.

when i was in university, the whole “baking” thing started again. mainly because we had an oven in our dorm!! i started buy ready mixes of cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies, and distributed the finished products to flatemates and neighbors. at that point, i never thought of making anything from scratch – convenient was everything.

it was only the past couple of years, i started to explore all sorts of “creative” outlets. in the end, i am stuck with baking.

while some people find baking to be therapeutic, i find it actually rather stressful. there are so many great bakers/ chefs out there, created all these wonderful recipes – what happened if i SCREW THEM UP?! most importantly, i dont want to make crap bake – ingredients are expensive and they cannot go to waste. if possible, i will always try to study the recipes before i bake.

and of course, i got better at this whole baking thing, i became more confident and brave! i improvise. with results that are beyond my expectations. i realised what all these great bakers have given me is a platform – a place where i can just be or do whatever i see fit, whenever i want. there is no right or wrong when it comes to baking – you just do whatever you can. and most importantly, (lame as it may sound), bake with love (trust me on this one, i ever attempted to bake when i was pissed off; result = crap bake).

to mark this wonderful milestone of my life, i decided to reward myself with …

more cookbooks

and kitchenaid


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