chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

i needed to bake something to be given away. it is for a woman named hazimah who draws my blood. i am one of those people whom doctor can never ever find the vein for blood test. i ever had this doctor who poked me THREE times before he finally found the right vein. hazimah had skillfully doing it for me, with no pain no drama. she did it with humor and singing – everytime we meet, she will sing the “mandy” song (in case, you wonder, yes i am indeed named after the song).

be prepared for chocolate coma

since i am going to visit her, i decided to pass her a bag of cookies – as a thank you, for not poking all over my arm. i settled on david lebovitz chocolate chocolate-chip cookies. i have been eyeing at this recipe for awhile – it never failed to shock me how much chocolate is involved. the amount of chocolate is obscene. i was rather worried – will hazimah and i slip into chocolate coma after eating this cookie?



the cookies are rich and delicious. especially when they are fresh out from the oven, they are gooey and oozy. i purposely underbaked some of them – those turned out to be fudgy – they are like a more delicate version of brownies.

they are so fudgy, they stained

i am unsure if hazimah loves the cookies. however i love the surprise look on her face. she gave me a surprise too. before i left, she gave me a hug. i am happy.


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