food for thought

i heard quite a bit about the breakfast at food for thought. since i was going to sam 8Q for the trans-tokyo exhibit (btw it was a disappointment), i thought i pop in and take a look.

first, a tiny confession. i love it when the restaurants/ cafes that i am visiting have an online menu on their websites. this mean i can look through, and think (carefully) about what to order. once i am at the restaurant, i can immediately order what i want. after a thorough look at the menu, i decided to go for the full works breakfast!

food for thought

since i was at food for thought late morning, the place was rather quiet – just how i like it. my breakfast came pretty fast (10minutes wait). and i was ready to dive in.

540 pasta sauce jars to be exact

i went straight for the scrambled eggs and brioche toast. firstly, i am not a big fan of eggs – there is this taste it has that does not sit too well with me. however most of the times, i will order scrambled eggs if they are mixed with lotsa milk or cream. food for thought version had the right amount of milk added, making the eggs fluffy and moist. for the brioche, i have no love for it – it was soggy (thanks to the eggs on top; they should have separate them). and there is not much flavor to the toast – i did not taste the butter or sweetness to it. thus for the rest of the meal, i barely touch it.

the next item that i attacked was the mushrooms. i felt so sad when i took the first bite – the mushroom was COLD. and we all know how cold mushroom taste like. i love mushrooms and this upset me alot.

full works (S$18)

the chicken sausage was pretty decent – ground chicken meat with herbs added – everything had a nice bite and most importantly, my teeth did not engage a war with the sausage casing. as for hash brown, they were more like pommes noisettes. actually, they were pommes noisettes. the great thing about it was they were fried to a crisp and hot! and inside were yummy moist mash potatoes. the bad – bloody salty – you can so tell they came straight from a pack.

as for the bacon, i know this may shock a couple of  friends. yes i did not touch them at all.

i very much doubt that i will go back to food for thought for the full works breakfast (i still want to try their pancakes). still its a lovely place that is away from the city where you can sit and enjoy a meal.

good food for good cause

*another reason to visit food for thought – 10% of their profits goes to supporting clean water, end poverty, feed good food, education and encourage good acts. and all the details are printed on their placemats. cute!

food for thought (they have another outlet at north bridge road, opposite the national library. that outlet mainly served drinks and desserts and cakes)
8 queen street
+65 6338 9887
mon – sat 9am – 10pm, sun 9am – 9pm

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