guess what? its steamboat time again!

last year, i started to invite my friends over to my home for steamboat dinner during chinese new year. so this year was no different.

the baby of the group. literally.

last round, my mum and i underestimated the amount of food and everything was consumed and the soup was wiped out. gosh we were in shocked! how can there be no leftovers?? i am unsure about the rest of you – in my household, we have leftovers. we dont do “just nice” – its just not right.

two friends aint here yet. but we dont care.

the official lo-hei sprinkler

all of us admiring her professional work

so for this year, i did half of the shopping and bought bazillion stuff for the steamboat. and to add, i even went over to choon seng for yu-sheng. and on top of all these, i baked a caramel custard pie!

k bought cheesecake too!

caramel custard pie - the leftover

i am glad this year, there were leftover and everyone was stuffed! ohhh happy days!


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