craving for (mega-sized) murtabak

this may sound “mega” wrong – the reason why i had a craving for murtabak was because of egypt ex-president. his name. kept flashing on the screen, in the papers. and we all know how close his name and murtabak is … so that’s it. craving needs to be fulfilled.

teh halia (S$1.30)

since i happened to be in the arab street area and i was early for my appointment and i was super hungry, i made my way to zam zam, one of singapore oldest muslim restaurants and famous for serving mega-sized murtabak.  it was rather empty when i was there – the moment i stepped in, saw the dude, and ordered the chicken murtabak and teh halia.

teh halia. its a tea that you either love or hate. to me, there is something very comforting about a cup of warm milky tea spiked with spicy hot ginger. after a sip, you just know everything will be ok.

chicken murtabak (S$6)

close up

a couple of minutes later, my chicken murtabak was served. they were huge. seriously i dont remember them being so BIG. the murtabak at zam zam is a bit different from what you get elsewhere and its almost like an architectural artwork. the base of the murtabak is a huge piece of prata kosong. on top of it is another piece of prata kosong filled with chicken meat – chunky pieces of chicken – stir-fried with onion, and masala. to end, its pan-fried with an egg on top. now this is what i call an art piece!

my breakfast set

so how does it taste? every bite is some kind of wonderful. you get the crispy crust, and chewy dough. the chicken was meaty and spicy. and of course, you need to drown everything in their delicious curry. ohh btw when you ordered the murtabak, it also comes with a plate of cucumber drown in ketchup. this plate of cucumber is crucial – after all the rich curry, you definitely need something sourish-sweet and refreshing.

yes food won

as much as i want to finish the murtabak, i cant – its too big (i tried to channel my inner adam richman – still food won!). i left with six bites to go. oh sadness.


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