baked cheesecake

it has never crossed my mind to ever bake a cheesecake. because of a silly lame reason – where am i going to get graham cracker? in singapore we do not have graham cracker. thus this translate to me – no graham crackers = no base for cheesecake = no cheesecake.

digestive biscuit base

however after i did a search, i realised that graham cracker = digestive biscuits! duh!! and of course most importantly i found one of the easiest recipes for cheesecake. rachel allen‘s baked cheesecakes with blueberries.

the numbers of ingredients for this recipe are a few and the method is so simple. its great for first timers like me. though i have some blueberries at home, they were not that great for bakes thus i decided to omit them. instead i used zest of one lemon for the cheesecake to cut through the richness of the cake.

the cheesecake was wonderful. unlike new york cheesecake which is rich and dense, rachel allen version was more custard-ish. the cheesecake was more pudding-like thus everything just melts in your mouth. the amount of prep and baking time, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

for the recipe, please click here.


2 thoughts on “baked cheesecake

  1. :D cheescake is my favourite dessert ever :D I’ve only ever had one that’s been baked before and it didn’t really do it for me though, that being said it was also a vegan cheescake which, I’m sure you can imagine just completely confused me and my tastebuds… but in anycase YAY for cheesecake!

  2. There are graham crackers in Singapore. They are in the brand of M.Y San. But can only be bought at those Filipino shops at the higher level of Lucky Plaza. It cost abt 2.50 for a pack. :) I think it’s worth a try.

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