in the mood for ice cream

i truly believe that ice cream should be in a food group of its own and  a must-have for every meal. it does not matter what mood/ state i am in – happy, sad, cranky, stuffed, angry – i always have room for ice cream.

the flavors of ice cream have evolved over the years. they are no longer just plain old vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. now there are all sorts of unimaginable flavor combination – durian, teh tarik, lime and pepper, alcoholic infused and even fish and chips!

while i was off from work, i managed to visit two ice cream outlets that specialise in crafting all these unique flavors of ice cream.

bazillion suggestions

first stop was udders at novena. the moment i stepped in, i was welcomed by the ice cream flavor suggestion board – its a lot of flavors to be considered. i made my way to the counter to select the ice cream i wanted. i was a bit disappointed by the selection. udders has the classic – chocolate, strawberry and some other crowd favorite flavors. i was hoping to try some unexpected flavors but nothing really catches my eye. in the end, i settled for their connoiseur special – choya lime umeshu sorbet.

choya lime umeshu sorbet (S$5.20 per scoop)

the sorbet really hit a punch. i mean its not like a super alcoholic sorbet but you can definitely taste umeshu. as for the lime, i think it got buried somewhere. one thing i was rather taken aback was the cost of one scoop of connoiseur special – S$5.20. alot more than i expected to pay.

the next place i went is the daily scoop (ehhh this happened like a couple days later. i didnt visit the two places at once ;p). a couple of years ago, my family was given a tub of the daily scoop’s durian ice cream – it was good. i am not a big fan of durian by-products but i have to say the ice cream was pretty decent and you could even bite on the durian bits.

utterly avocado (S$3.20 per scoop)

as you stepped into the daily scoop (chip bee garden), the smell of durian just whizzed past you. i do not exactly know what happened the day i visited (weekday, after lunch) – it was crowded and there is only one server! i hate to wait to be served so i went off to get my stuff and revisit the shop an hour later. once again, no single flavor stood out so i chose a favorite of mine – utterly avocado.

utterly avocado is rich and full of yumminess. i cannot believe there is NO eggs in the ice cream. gula melaka is also used in the ice cream which provides a subtle and rich flavor (thank god it did not dominate the ice cream as moi has no love for gula melaka). i absolutely loooove utterly avocado.

udders – they have outlets at novena, west coast, serangoon gardens, siglap and bukit timah. the daily scoop has outlets at clementi and chip bee gardens.

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